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44 Stanley

44 Stanley (44 Stanley Avenue, Milpark, Johannesburg) – located a short distance north of downtown Johannesburg, the 44 Stanley shopping center was once a series of industrial 1930′s buildings, and has been developed into a collection of specialty boutiques, foodie stops and design studios. Meander through the shady arcades and courtyards to savor the trees, […]


About South Africa

Archeologists and historical researchers note that the San and Khoekhoe peoples (a.k.a. Bushmen and Hottentots or Khoikhoi) were the original indigenous residents of South Africa (in particular, the western part of the country – now known as Cape Province). In addition, the Bantu-speaking people who had moved into the north-eastern and eastern regions from the […]


Absa Money Museum

Absa Money Museum (187 Fox Street, Johannesburg) — Situated in the stylish Absa Towers West building in the heart of the cultural metropolis that is the Johannesburg CBD, the Money Museum is home to the most complete collection of South African numismatic items in the world. When one thinks of money, coins, banknotes, credit cards […]


Afrikaans Language Monument

Afrikaans Language Monument (Gabbema Doordrift Drive, Paarl Mountain, Paarl) – located 45 minutes east of downtown Cape Town (via N1), and built in 1975, this monument was designed by architect Jan van Wijk. It acknowledges the influence of a variety of languages (such as Dutch, Malay, Malay-Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, English, and the indigenous Khoi […]


Africa Café

Africa Café (Shortmarket Street, Cape Town) – located in the city center, this restaurant has a vibrant multi-cultural dining experience that showcases real African hospitality. The restaurant is located within a historic national monument, and is divided over 3 levels: the ground floor, the first floor and the Zulu room (all of which are decorated […]


African Penguin Colony

African Penguin Colony (Boulder’s Beach, Cape Town) — Boulders Penguin Colony in Simons Town is home to a unique and endangered land-based colony of African Penguins. Administered by South African National Parks )which is also responsible for Table Mountain National Park), this colony is one of only a few in the world, and the site […]